Organum Society

Founded in 1964, the Organum Society (in Finnish Organum-seura) is an association for promoting and developing organ art in Finland. The Society organises concerts, masterclasses and seminars, publishes organ-related literature and brings together all interested in organ music.

Over the past decades, the Organum Society has occupied an essential role as a discussion forum in the development of Finnish organ art. The Society's members include professional organists, students, composers, organ builders and researchers as well as organ enthusiasts.

Along with promoting organ art, the Society is an active advocate of preserving and restoring historical organs in Finland. The Society participates frequently in cultural projects and offers its expertise in various organ-related matters.

The Society publishes its own quarterly journal Organum, which containts articles on a wide range of topical issues in organ music, building and performance. The Society also sells books and other publications on organ music along with CDs and gift items.